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How To Buy Ferrari 488 Exhaust System?

To optimize efficiency, the Ferrari 458 Italia has been developed to satisfy the dual objective of giving the driver with complete feed-back typical from a Ferrari V8 engine whilst also guaranteeing high levels of acoustic comfort. The silencers contain by-pass valves that are activated at optimum performance. At lower revs, or on a partial throttle, the exhaust gases escape from a second pair of small diameter pipes.


The result is a Ferrari 458 Italia's engine sound not unpleasant at low revs but fuller and richer at increasing performance. Under low performance, the by-pass valves close, trapping the exhaust gases in the two silencers. At top performance and in particular under hard speed, the ECU reacts by opening the valves and feeding all of the exhaust gases directly to the two outer tailpipes. The catalytic converter is attached to the central part of the exhaust with a flexible element which enables reducing the amount of vibrations transmitted to lighten the overall system.


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Similarly, the pre-catalytic converter has been eliminated, lowering overall weight and decreasing back pressure whilst still complying with strict LEV2 and Euro 5 emissions legislation. Regardless of the more powerful engine of the 458 Italia compared to the one from the F430, the new Ferrari manufactures just 307 g/km of CO2 whether fuel consumption is 13.3 l/100 Km (combined cycle), reaching the best value in the entire part.



Under full speed, the Ferrari 458 Italia sound is much deeper than the F430 and it incorporates all the harmonics from 2nd to the 10th range. The predominance of these harmonics allows a full and powerful sound spectrum but also unobtrusive and comfortable. The Ferrari 458 Italia's triple exhaust tailpipes recall the ones from the F40 underlining the vehicle great performance and character. The ignition features a fuel control system which uses ionization currents, first developed for the FXX and later employed on the 430 Scuderia.



Probably the most revolutionary technologies intended in the 458 Italia is the dual-clutch gear box which contemporaneously enhances performance and driving comfort. Installed longitudinally in the back, it is a seven-speed electrohydraulic gearbox without torque converter. It's capable of combining the fun driving experience of a sequential gearbox with the comfort typical of an automatic one. This dual achievement is reached thanks to the gear shifting time reduction to near zero and to the torque interruption abolition. This connection improves the torque delivery and the car's stylish feeling: the response to the gear-shifting the engine acceleration are immediate providing an extreme driving comfort.


Sometimes having a state of the art expensive sports car just isn't enough, especially when the owner just wants to have the very best that car can offer. For a passionate racing fan or simply a performance junkie, a Aston Martin, Porsche, Lamborghini or Ferrari are faraway from being enough without those fine improvements which can be made so that every bit of power is squeezed from the engine.

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And one of the first things to change if interested in the car's efficiency and performance factors is the stock exhaust system that the car comes with when you purchase it.



The Ferrari's exhaust system basically deals with exhausting gases away from the engine (where controlled combustion takes place) by using an elaborate tubing system. Though there are different types of exhaust system line-ups, a usual one generally includes:


🔴 A cylinder head and exhaust manifold. The first is placed above the cylinders and directly affects performance by identifying the compression ratio and volumetric efficiency of the engine (thus affecting the engine's power). The later is made of cast steel units involved in collecting exhaust from the multiple cylinders and passing it to the exhaust pipe. High performance headers are available for certain engines and their role consists in reducing the flow resistance while improving the volumetric efficiency, all that results in a better power in the engine;


🔴 A turbocharger that deals mainly with increasing the density of air that enters the engine thus enhancing the power ratio that engine can provide;


🔴 A catalytic converter that is the reason for lowering the levels of air pollution a car produces by reducing the toxicity of emissions released by the engine;


🔴 A muffler (also known as silencer especially in Europe) that deals with decreasing the noise levels by resonating the noises inside a set of lines and chambers with holes until sounds basically cancel each other. Up to a certain point, you might say it works like a fine tuned music instrument but with reverse purpose: instead of producing, it eliminates sounds.

Ferrari Exhaust System For Sale


High performance car exhaust systems are especially designed for a car model and they come as an alternative of the above-mentioned components with improved ones.


The 348 Challenge sports vehicle from Ferrari was a single marque race Series, first set up in 1994, and made for inexperienced drivers. It was at first established in Europe and, within a year, had spread to the US.